Whats growing in 2016

Bed 1 Brassicas
Kale – Nero de Toscana
Cabbage – January King
Cabbage – Greyhound
Broccoli – Purple sprouting
Broccoli – Romanesco
Kohl Rabi – Vienna purple and white
Swede – Tweed F1
Swiss Chard – Bright Lights

Bed 2 Potatoes & Tubers
Early  – Colleen 1996 organic x2 rows

Main crop – Sarpo Mira x2 rows
Pots – International Kidney x1 row

Bed 3 Roots
Garlic – Elephant
Onion red – Red Baron
Onion white – Stuttgarter  giant
Shallots –Picasso
Leek – Carentan
Carrot – Paris Market 5 (atlas variety), Nantes 5, Yellowstone & Purple sun
Parsnip – Gladiator
Beetroot – Chiggoia, Golden Burpees, Boltardy
Radish – various

As I clear space in this section I will be refilling it with some quick cropping oriental salads as well as winter salad crops for later in the year including a hardy winter mixed variety, Endives and Treviso to see us through the year.

Bed 4 Peas and Beans
Peas – Twinkle

Climbing french beans – Monte Gusto, Carminat and Monte Cristo
Dwarf beans – Purple Queen, Compass and Borlotto ‘ Firetongue’
Broad beans – Aquadulce Claudia & Red Epicure

Bed 5 – Pumpkin, Squash and Corn
Sweetcorn  – Sundance

Squash/Pumpkin – Butternut ‘Hornet f1’, Rolet (climbing), Uchiki Kuri, Patty pan (various)

Tomato – Green Zebra, Sungold, Gardeners Delight and 1 Brandywine beefsteak
Sweet Pepper – Romana

Flower Bed & Companion Planting
Tomato, outdoor – Brandywine x 3 plants

Sunflower – various
Verbena bonariensis
Nasturtium ‘tom thumb’ ‘purple emperor’
Foxglove (wild type)
Sweet Pea ‘cupani’
Ladybird Poppy
Garlic Chives, Mouse Garlic in pots
Purple Sage