The Allotment


When I was younger my dad had an allotment and I loved getting muddy, the smell of horse manure and was fascinated by the worms – not much changed there then. I would watch him did up the potatoes and then I would proudly take them home like I had done all of the work.
Since I moved into my house about 5 years ago I wanted to grow veg. My garden isn’t ideal for this as its paved but still I grew the odd potato, carrot and herbs in pots. After chatting to my neighbour he said that there were a few plots going spare at his site and suggested I go and speak to the allotment chairman. Even better was that the site is only about a 10 minute walk from my house. So, I wandered down expecting to put my name down on a very long list and waiting about 5 years for a call. In fact, I was offered one there and then.

I got my allotment 31A in May this year (2015). Its not the biggest allotment in the world but I love it. In the picture my allotment is to the right of the central path. It is a long narrow plot that goes from the greenhouse in the foreground to the greenhouse at the top end. I also have joint custody of the shed which you can just about see behind the apple tree – now it is technically on 31B’s plot but when got the gate keys I was also given a key for the shed, an odd set up I know but it suits me. Another person holds (or held) the plot next door and for whatever reason never renewed (in fact I never actually saw him at the plot at all) so there is possibility I may take that side over, even if its to keep it tidy until someone else wants to enjoy it.