The Good, The Bad and the Weedy

Wow, I havn’t written a post on here for a looooong time!

A lot has happened since my previous post which was March 2017 I think. It started well last year but it all went to pot in June when I had a car accident which put me out of action for the best part of the growing season and with no car and slightly to far to walk with damaged legs nothing got watered or tended and worse still, the weeds completey enveloped the plot. Disheartening does not cover it and in that moment I almost gave up.


Fast forward to now, I have reduced to a half plot as the perennial weed problem was just beyond me on the full plot (primarily the horsetail, couch grass, creeping buttercup and bindweed – I know, right!) especially as there is a vacant plot next door which is wild so no matter how much I dig it all runs under the shared path or seeds all over my ground.   So, I am now on a half plot, but its good. It still needs work, still 2 big burn piles waiting for winter and 4 big ass gooseberry bushes to move which are currently being swamped with bindweed and buttercup. However, its slowly coming together and I have found my love for it again.


The polytunnel which my other half bought me for my birthday a year ago has finally been assembled and is now home to about 15 tomatoes, 4 cucumbers, 3 gherkins, 1 melon, some chillies and some sweet peppers along with an array of veg waiting to move out into ground. I managed to get a hold of lots of polystyrene boxes from our lab deliveries at work which I have recycled into both pots and water troughs – always on the scrounge is an allotmenteer. My quality manager actually got quite excited and is now demanding pictures for the NHS GREEN newsletter to show how anything can be recycled.

Its not all flowers and vegetables though. This patch a small taste of why I have reduced to a half plot and what almost broke me last year. This bed is the boundary to my half (the sticks to the left are the neighbours bed which was once the other half of my plot).
I plant to turn this into something of a flower, herb, wildlifey area with a pond. I aim to plant it up with foxglove, verbena, sweet pea, ox eye daisy, bronze fennel and whatever else I can squeeze in sound the pond



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