Creative allotmenting

The weather has been miserable the past few weekends to the point that I couldn’t get any work done on the plot. So, instead I in the house with a cup of tea and entertained myself with the other love in my life…stationary. It was time to plan Plot 31-2017.
Now I probably should have done this about a month or 2 ago but ah well.
I drew a rough sketch of the plot but I wanted something slightly more to scale but since I hadn’t measured it to get n accurate number, I had to think outside the box. Clearly, google maps was the answer so I got up an overhead image of my plot and traced the outline onto paper. This gave me as close a representation as I could get and then it was time plan where things would live this year.


I am lucky enough to have space for 4 year rotation for my main crops…and I could push that to 5 if wanted. I also will be replacing my teeny greenhouse with a larger polytunnel which has the potential to blow away I know but if I secure it with big tree posts, trench it in and create a wind break I am hoping to keep it going for a few seasons – we shall see.

Today I also nipped by Wilko on the way home. I found these lovely little black plant labels. So I bought about 6 packets and then went and bought a white marker pen with which I wrote crop names and even drew a little picture. I still have a few more to do but I will finish them off tomorrow now.


I recommend anyone who has a plot and isn’t quite sure where to plant stuff then sketch it out on some paper. Even a pencil sketch will suffice to help you visualise your space and work out where to plant stuff this year, and if your’e a weirdo like me, get google earth up and trace it, works a treat.



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