Sweetcorn and Squashes

Yesterday was sweetcorn and squash day. My squashes were so big that they were starting to get damaged from being moved about and desperately needed to get into the ground. There are 4 butternuts 6 climbers, 6 patty pan and 9 sweetcorn all of which will go in the same bed along with climbing french beans and some sunflowers creating a three sisters type bed.
Having taken on the other half I changed my plans last minute and moved my three sisters bed into the first bed we cleared and dug over last week. If I would have taken on the plot earlier in the year then I would have put my spuds in here to let them do the deep digging but such is life. I didnt have enough manure to cover and dig into the whole bed so opted to manure locally – digging a larger hole than needed and filling with putting manure and compost then planting the squashes directly onto it. I also watered them with a dilute seaweed feed to give them a really good start. I followed a similar process with the corn and planted them deep to control any root rock.
I have a mix of different squashes including butternuts as ground cover and rolet and uchiki kuri as climbers. I also have 6 patty pan sunburst which I will squeeze in…somewhere. I put together three simple teepees made from bamboo and twine, I do love these make do and mend structures made from bamboo and string (as does Monty Donn according to the latest episode of Gardeners World) and is something that no allotment should be without.

Once again it was another scorcher, to the point that I had to take shelter in the shed with a cold drink and a book because for my, it was far too hot to work – I am not a fan of too much sun…and, once again, I got burnt.


I may not like the sun much but the chilli and aubergine are soaking it up and both are in flower. The chilli plant is even in fruit which I was so excited to see as I have never grown chilli’s before and these were grown from seed. Both are in the house on the dining room window sill as its the warmest and sunniest place. I am tempted to take the chilli to the allotment greenhouse where it is warmer are more humid but the aubergines will remain at home where it is still warm and bright but is cooler than the greenhouse which is better for these plants.



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